An Ingress Adventure

An Ingress Adventure

The Chicago Resistance made a strong statement against recent attempts of local Enlightenment agents to control the area. The meetup began at 6pm in Chinatown. It looked like rain, but after a few drinks at a local establishment it was time to brave the cold, biting wind and head out to create as many level 8 portals as possible before the frigid temperatures overwhelmed their determination. When they left the local restaurant where they had met for introductions and a few beverages they discovered that a member of the enlightenment had attempted to sabotage their efforts by taking control of several portals that were spitting distance from where they had just been getting to know each other. Undeterred they decimated all enlightenment portals in sight and began fortifying portal after portal in that immediate area. Eventually they got organized and began branching out to portals that were several blocks away. As the sun set the cold almost became a tangible thing that sapped the warmth from their bones and the strength from their muscles. But they persevered and within two hours a group of 15 Resistance agents had established over 20 level 8 portals in Chinatown, Chicago; each of them fortified with high level shields.   No doubt the Enlightenment will attempt to retaliate, but in the face of organized, committed members of the Resistance, they will no doubt fail.

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